Compulsory reading reaches another level – Kotyogó Book Club

So here comes something worth trying out. Let us just imagine I tell you book clubs do exist – and not only in movies, but in real life. Kotyogó Book Club is a brand new foundation led by Zsófia Gregor, but Sophie may seem more pronounceable for not-Hungarians.

The whole idea is more than two years old but it was turned into actions only in October. The purpose is to spread our literature using classical must-haves written by the most famous Hungarian writers. The topics are not so strict, the discussions are for understanding more the political background, the structure, or some not too clear part of the plot. After some warm up chit-chats and introducing ourselves we get into the details. Asking each other, discussing the favourite things and so on.
The programme is already going places, book lovers are getting interested from all around the world, for instance from Australia, Bulgaria, or even from Malaysia. Familiar, motivating, useful: the only duty is to read one book in a month which is choosen by the members. The meetings take place in Massolit Books & Café in Budapest on a Thursday evening once in a month. This truly fascinating spot sells the books in need often in both languages, offers calm atmosphere and huge variaty of coffees for sure.
Recommended for those whose New Year resolutions contains every single year „reading more books” and “developing language skills”. Not only foreigners, but excited Hungarians are more than welcome as well. Stay tuned, and join the Facebook group and the upcoming events to be hundred percent prepared!
Lilla Szauer

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